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At D.S.K., interlinings are being produced to provide you with exceptional appearances to your garments. This process will enhance the quality of your garments by supporting them from the inside. Additionally, the shape of your garments will be reinforced with critical support, while retaining a soft handle, thus improving the comfort and appearances of your clothing.


With an extensive range over interlinings, D.S.K., along with our partners, will accompany you through the process of selecting the most optimum interlining solutions.

Garment's Accessories

Our interlining rolls are manufactured precisely for you to produce high-quality garments with small piece accessories such as, shoulder pads, fusible seam tapes and much more... 


As every small part matters here at D.S.K., with no doubt, our team works hard to look into minor details of each accessory and specifically chooses it in such a way that it aesthetically pleases our customers, in terms of appearance, and practically, in terms of ensuring that the garment performs as expected in its intended end use to complete an outfit.

Reflective Material

D.S.K. provides compliance in our reflective materials and fabrics for functional high visibility garments. Our reflective materials are designed for use on safety garments and in athletic and casual wear which can easily be sewn onto other fabrics to make patches and emblems, logos and labels, in a variety of shapes, sizes, numbers and letters. 


It will enhance the effectiveness of your safety measures by allowing safety activities and precautions to be more visible in the dark when a light source is present, making it appear brighter.

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Established since 1976, D.S. Textiles Ltd., Part. is an importer and distributor of fusible and non-fusible interlining for woven and non-woven textile materials in Thai market.


In 1996, D.S.K. Enterprises Ltd., Part., a subsidiary of D.S. Textiles Ltd., Part. was established as one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of innovative fusible interlining for the perfect bonding of textile materials for individual and industrial application under the trademark ‘LUCKY-FUSE INTERLINING’.


D.S.K. develops, produces and distributes interlining, and offers unique and perfect solution to our customers. With comprehensive know-how to our specialist and state-of-the-art production lines, we provide the most convincing solution for all.


Our Sale teams work directly with our production team assuring customer satisfaction and offering vast choice of quality interlining at competitive price.


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