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Necktie Interlining

Heart and Soul of the Tie...

There are millions of neckties produced each year but only some can retain their essential structure quality.

Not all neckties are shaped the same. Allow D.S.K. to help you select the most versatile necktie interlining/interfacing solution in the market. It can easily adapt to your suitable applications whilst offering you a professional durable look for your appearance.

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Necktie Interfacing / Interlining

• Supports your tie with a firm look
• Excellent shape recovery (non-wrinkle)
• Avoid the "S" shape after being tied

• Shrinkage Controlled
• Durable

Touches: Soft, Single/Double brushed.

Brush: Single brushed, Double brushed & none.

Width: 150cm. (60")
Weight: 240 to 400 gsm.
Color: Off-White and Natural White.
Material: Wool, Polyester & Blend (Wool / Polyester).

Necktie Interfacing - Canvas

• Special type of canvas designed for Necktie application

• Dimension Stability / Shrinkage controlled

Application: Necktie etc.

Touches: Brushed, Soft and Medium.

Width: 112cm. (45")

Weight: 160 to 400 gsm.

Color: White, Natural-white and Off-white.

Material: 100% Polyester/Cotton, Rayon and Blend.

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