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Interlining for jackets is an essential role when it comes to manufacturing them. It plays a major part in the overall look of the jacket or blazer itself. D.S.K. specializes in manufacturing these ready-made accessories, as well as importing and exporting these high-quality interlinings, which are ideally used by textile and garment industries for designing suits, blazers, jackets, coats and more.

Ready-made, Shoulder Pad

From casual jackets to formal blazers, shoulder pads are essential as they will give definition and shape to your jackets. It keeps the shoulder line straight and also affects how the jacket is laid out down the front, back, and how the sleeves are aligned.  


With a high level of knowledge, technical expertise and over 40 years of experience in the interlinings field, D.S.K can offer you a wide range of shoulder pads for different applications. This will be done according to your preference, whether you want it thick, thin, hard or soft. We have it all.


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Ready-made, Sleeve Head Rolls

Holding the sleeve firm has always been a major issue when manufacturing formal garments. To enable perfect sleeve-fitting to meet your requirements, our sleeve head rolls are uniquely customized to each model, which will greatly enhance the sleeve's outcome appearance. We produce flexible yet fit sleeve rolls that ensure you the best quality for your garment.


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Ready-made, Under Collar Piece

Our under-collar pieces are made of two parts, canvas and felt. The canvas and felt foundation sewed together allows our undercollar to be strengthened to maintain its curvature, along with being molded to fit smoothly and firmly around the neck.

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Ready-made, Chest Piece

Primarily in menswear, chest piece is an important shaping device in tailored jackets and coats. To fill out and smooth the hollow area at the top front of the coat, our chest pads consist of numerous layers of supporting fabrics. These sections of fabric will add additional comfort and stability and help give your suit a three-dimensional shape, along with a smooth front without hollows, ridges or lumps.


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