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Enhance sewing and add a casual look to your garments with our selection of water-soluble products for garment-dyed application by using the high quality raw materials, which can be transformed into non woven, adhesives, transparent and films.

Water Soluble Adhesive for

Shirt's Interlining


• Mainly used for garment-dyed application
• Water-soluble adhesive for shirt interlining
• Adhesive laminates after being fused
• Adhesive delaminates or dissolves after wash
• Enhances sewing and adds a casual look.

Application: Collar, Cuff, Placket, etc.

Touches: Brushed, Soft, Medium, Hard, Super Hard and Extra-Hard.
Width: 112cm. (45")
Weight: 50 to 220 gsm.
Color: White, Off-White, Charcoal and Black.
Material: 100% Cotton

Water Soluble Non-Woven for

Embroidery Lace

• Quickly dissolves in both hot and cold water at the right temperature
• Thickness, weight and evenness consistency
• High quality guaranteed

• Customer can define the width

Application: For embroidery lace application and more...

Type: Cold / Hot Water Soluble Nonwoven.
Width: 122cm, 157cm, 180cm. (48", 62" 70")
Weight: 20 to 60 gsm.
Color: Natural White.

Water Soluble Film for

Embroidery Backing

Act as a fabric stabilizer during the embroidery process

Wide variety of specifications available

• Can be used without fabric and simply washes away, leaving only the intricate design
• Can be either dissolved in cold water or can be torn away from the fabric at the end
• Cost Saving, achieve better quality embroidery

Application: Embroidery etc.

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