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Tailoring Interfacing

Re-enforcement, Shaping, Softness, Light-Weight & more...


High-quality outer materials are characterised by their excellent textile properties and tailor can make perfect designs by shaping.


D.S.K. offers the most complete range for the production of high-quality men's & women's tailored clothing. Interlining/interfacing enhance the quality of garments by supporting from inside out, that why the best producers of men's wear garments in Thailand choose us as they partner.

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Weft-Insertion Interfacing (Fusible)

• Suitable for fusible suits, jackets & blazers interfacing
• High bonding strength at low fusing temperature
• Dimension stability & shrinkage controlled below 1.0%
• Guaranteed excellent Dry-Clean resistant, no bubbling
• Washing resistance up to 60˚C
• The fine-brushed surface gives out excellent natural touches

Application: Full front piece fusing for formal suits feels soft and natural.


Type: Fusible.
Touches: Brushed surface with soft & medium touches.
Width: 150cm. (60")
Weight: 60 to 140 gsm.
Color: White, Off-White, Black and Super Black.
Material: 100% Polyester and Blend Polyester/Rayon.

Weft-Insertion Interfacing



• Suitable for high-end floating canvas suits & blazers interfacing tailoring
• A non-fusible interfacing
• Dimension stability with shrinkage controlled below 0.5%
• Excellent results in Washing & Dry-Clean resistant
• The fine-brushed surface gives out excellent natural touches
• Non-fusible

• Recommended for high-end professional tailoring.

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Twill Interfacing

• Body-wear interfacing

• High Elasticity

• Excellent recovery

Application: Full body fusing (for casual bodysuits), casual uniform, small part fusing (pocket flap etc.), applicable for all stretch fabric with good recovery and elasticity.

Type: 2 ways and 4 ways stretch.
Touches: Soft and Medium touch with Stretch.
Width: 112cm, 150cm. (45", 60")
Weight: 40 to 140 gsm.
Color: White, Off-White and Black.
Material: 100% Polyester.

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