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Horse Hair Canvas

Re-enforcement, Shaping, Stiff/Softness, Recovery & more...


Canvas or hair interlinings contribute enormously to a perfectly fitting tailored jacket. We source and import a comprehensive range of canvas for a variety of garment applications.  


D.S.K. offers traditional canvas products that use natural fibers such as horsehair, goat hair, wool, linen and cotton. It's used majorly in fine tailoring to achieve beautifully rolled lapels and to also ensure that the garment holds its shape.

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Canvas Interlining with Horse Hair

• Horse-hair canvas is used inside high-end suits and blazers
• Naturally composite of real horsetail and selective cotton
• Light-weight, wrinkle-free and with excellent recovery
• Gives excellent stereoscopic look to the suits and blazers

Application: Jacket & blazer chest piece re-enforcement and

women's bags etc.

Touches: Soft to Medium touch with high recovery.
Width: 55cm to 62cm. (21" to 24")
Weight: 140 to 200 grams.
Color: Grey & Off-White.
Material: Horse-tail hair and cotton.

Canvas Interlining with

Animals Hair


• Available over 25 qualities from soft to hard, low to high weight
• Mixtures of  cotton, hair, viscose, polyester, viscose filament and horse-tail yarn
• Different composition gives different touch/hand-feel and weights
• Good to excellent recovery is available upon your choice

• Controlled shrinkage

Application: Jacket & Blazer chest piece re-enforcement, shoulder pad

Touches: extra soft, soft, Medium, Medium Hard and Hard.
Width: 80cm, 112cm, 150cm, 160cm. (32", 44", 60", 63")
Weight: 150 to 240 grams.
Color: White, Off-White, Natural, Charcoal and Black.
Material: Horse-tail hair, Animal-hair, Cotton, Polyester, Rayon and blend.

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Canvas Interlining for Necktie

• Special type of canvas designed for Necktie application

• Dimension Stability / Shrinkage controlled

Application: Necktie etc.

Touches: Brushed, Soft and Medium.

Width: 112cm. (45")

Weight: 160 to 400 gsm.

Color: White, Natural-white and Off-white.

Material: 100% Polyester/Cotton, Rayon and Blend.

Canvas Interlining for Under Collar


• Canvas designed for Jacket's Under Collar
• Available in different qualities
• Dimension Stability / Shrinkage controlled

• European made

Application: Jackets under collar etc.

Touches: Medium.
Width: 112cm. (45")
Weight: 200 to 250 grams.
Color: Grey and Brown.
Material: 100% Linen.

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Canvas Interlining for Sleeve Head

• Applied over sleeve head
• Wrinkle-free and with excellent recovery
• Variety of choice giving different bend
• Shape stability
• Natural look

Application: Sleeve head re-enforcement

Touches: Soft and Medium.
Width: 112cm, 150cm, 160cm. (44", 59", 63")
Weight: 150 to 200 grams.
Color: Off-White and Natural White.
Material: Animal-hair, Cotton, Polyester and Rayon.

Canvas Interlining for Shoulder Pad

• Can apply on multi-layers over shoulder pad
• Wide range of qualities can be layered
• Available in different qualities
• Shape stability

Application: Shoulder pad etc.

Touches: Brushed, Soft, Medium, Hard, Super Hard, Extra-Hard.
Width: 90cm, 112cm, 150cm. (36", 45", 60")
Weight: 50 to 270 grams.
Color: White, Natural-white, Off-white, Grey, Charcoal and Black.
Animal-hair, Cotton, Polyester and Rayon.

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