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Special Fusible Interlining

Rare​ yet available...

D.S.K. offers rare yet available technical interlinings which can be applied to special garments to fit its functional properties. With our interlinings, your garments will be incomparable with its unique properties to fit your conditions.

Special Fusible Interlining

Membranes Fusible Interlining


• Double side fusing (sandwich fusing)
• Interlining for all weather conditions •
• With laminated membrane •
• Water-proof • Wind-proof • Breathable •
• Maintain body temperature •
• One side dot fusible •
• Double dot technology •
• Stretchable; excellent recovery •
• High bond strength • Washing resistance •
• Dry-clean resistance •
• Light weight • Durable

Application: Jackets, Hat, Outdoor wear etc.

Membranes Fusible Intelining

Anti-Static Fusible Interlining


Clothing that contains electrostatic properties are - as part of a total earthed system - able to suppress static charge (created by friction or rubbing). In other words: the garment is able to conduct electricity.

Anti static work-wear refers to interlining where a carbon fiber is weaved through the fabric. Without it, static discharge can create sparks, which can result in fires or explosions. Needless to say, anti static clothing is indispensable for every employer that wants to guarantee a work environment where employees feel safe and confident.


Anti-UV (Ultra Violet) Fusible Interlining


One of the great joys of being outdoors is basking in the soft, warm glow of the sun. But like so many of life’s pleasures, it’s best done in moderation. Sunlight includes rays of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, and exposure to those rays can lead to sunburn, premature skin aging and skin cancer.

Choosing interlinings that has been designed for sun protection and tested to confirm its Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) will give you greater control over your overall level of UV exposure.

Anti-UV Fusible Interlining
Anti-Static Interlining

Quick-Dry Fusible Interlining


Nothing can equal the determination, strength, and stamina of athletes and outdoorsmen or women. Fabric technology can help athletes, travelers, and nature lovers to achieve their performance goals by overcoming natural challenges such as rising humidity levels, temperature changes, and sweat production.  

Quick-dry interlinings – also called sweat-wicking of moisture-management fabrics – do just so. They help people feel fresh in any condition, reduce the visibility of sweat patches, and better regulate body temperature. As more people recognize the great potential of these fabrics, manufacturers and scientists have brought to life new types and started to test new applications.

qucik dry interlining.jpeg
Quick-Dry Interlining

Double / Triple Layer Fusible Interlining

D.S.K. offers wide variety of Arabic Thobe interlining with different hardness from Single to Double & Triple layers.

• Selected fine cotton for shirt's interlining
• Easy to fuse / non-bubbling
• Available in different qualities
• Dimension Stability / Shrinkage controlled
• Color fastness & Formaldehyde controlled

Application: Collar, Cuff, Placket, etc.

Chlorine Free Fusible Interlining


• Chlorine Free interlining designs for swim, surf & beach wear for long lasting of your garments.

Application: Swim, Surf & Beach wear, etc.


Double Side - Dot Fusible Interlining


• Double side fusing (sandwich fusing)
• Dot coated on both side
• Double dot technology
• Stretchable
• High bond strength
• Washing resistance
• Dry-clean resistance
• Light weight
• Durable

Application: Sandwich fusing, multi-purpose


Blackout Fusible Interlining


• A Special type of interlining that designs to block the lights to penetrate through.

Application: Cap's, Hat's & Jacket's etc.


Double Layer Interlining
Chlorine Free Fusible Intelinng
Double Side Dot Fusible Interlining
Blackout Fusible Interlining
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