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Ready-Made, Tailoring Under Collar Piece

Tailoring Craftmanship

Our under-collar pieces are made of two parts, canvas and felt. The canvas and felt foundation sewed together allows our undercollar to be strengthened to maintain its curvature, along with being moulded to fit smoothly and firmly around the neck.

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Under Collar Piece, ready-made

for tailoring

• Ready under-collar-felt piece for jacket, suit's & blazer's
• Optimizing quality
• Quality consistency
• Reduce mistakes & errors
• Time saving
• Reduce labor cost
• Increase productivity
• Custom shape & pattern available upon request

• Choices of pattern are available for demonstrate
• Precisely layering and stitching by highly skilled labors
• A selective choice of under collar felt & under collar canvas are available for their combo
• Custom choice of strengthening layered can be implement
• Sampling pieces are available for trial, upon order-confirmation
• Suitable for mini to large tailoring factories

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